Alphabet Letters

Small Personalized Letters

Alphabet letters in colorful china chards, vintage jewelry, glass pearls, crystals and sterling charms can be created in any color scheme, custom made to compliment to walls of your child's bedroom.  I can also incorporate your child's favorite things and interests with delicate sterling charms...from kitties, teddy bears, ice skates or fairies to fancy dresses, purses or baseball caps...what perfect keepsake that will always capture their unique little personalities. The letters measures 4 1/2 inches in length and widths vary depending on the letter (M''s are wider than I's). The cost for each letter is $25.00.  Five letters cost $100.00, and I will further negotiate names in excess of five letters.
Large Personalized Letters
Letters measure 9 inches in height and 7 inches wide.  They are appropriately displayed alone or as initials.  They work especially well when dealing with an extremely long first name...I personalize them and coordinate color palettes to fit your needs.  They sell for $ 35.00 each. 
I created the letter "S" for a little girl's room.  She loved the colors purple and pink.  She also loved girly things like princesses, butterflies, lollipops and playing dress-up.  I use various sterling silver charms to illustrate such interests and keep the print of the plates bright and playful, appropriate for a child's bedroom.
This letter was done to be displayed in a more formal family room setting.  Soft color hues of green and similar earth tones were requested.  I used vintage jewelry and china as well as traditional pearls.  China prints are much more elegant and formal.